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Floral arrangement and the Art

Hi Friends,

Here I am presenting a concept on “Floral arrangement and the Art” and I believe that this will be useful for you.

Flower arrangement is not only a skill, it is an art. In my opinion, every person has some talent or the other. We remain unaware of these unless you explore them. Instead of waiting for that Eureka moment, we should start by self-motivation and explore our talents. If you keep on doing things surely you will learn and get experience. Even if you turn out not too good at it, you will still learn a lot in the process.

Making a flower bouquet starts by choosing the colour and types of flowers. You do not need to know a lot about it when you start. Eventually you learn the hows and then the whys of it. Some people start exhibiting their skills at a young age while some are late-developers. It all starts by a curiosity in any art or skill and the internet is a good place to gather some information. Hereafter, I shall be updating my blog with interesting information about my learning process with floral arrangements and cooking recipes.

Every one has a dream house. They would definitely think about how to maintain and decorate their dream houses in a unique way with interiors, flowers, curtains, paintings, etc .They have many expectations or ideas in their minds for their house. In my point of view, “Keeping house in a good manner reflects their personality and taste”. I hope my posts will help you because we all have an interest in decorating the houses with flowers, because it creates beauty, peace and attracts the visitors, guests, neighbors and relatives.

So, lets see some simple flower arrangement ideas for home. We can start with flowers from our own garden and can arrange them in a beautiful glassware. It looks good and we can enjoy the smell coming from fresh garden flowers which diffuses throughout the house too.

We can make a bouquet or flower basket or can arrange flowers in a bowl with our garden flowers only. You need not buy a separate vase , you can use an attractive glass available in our homes. If you are a busy person, you can use artificial flowers or ceramic flowers with pearls, crystals and colour stones. You can decorate them on special occasions or during any festive times like Diwali, Christmas, Eid..

Firstly, keep these things in mind when doing :

Don’t leave the flowers as it is.
Try to change water for every day or every couple days.
Use salt water for long lasting. Try to keep them away from heat.
Try to discard them when it withers otherwise it will spoils in the water resulting in distasteful look and smell.
Use candles, pearls, beads, attractive glassware, crystals, balloons, and toys along with flower arrangement. It will give a different look to your home.

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