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Money Plant

Money plant ia a common name of  Epipremnum aureum which is an indoor and out door plant, can be grown easily and rapidly with less sunlight.

Do you know that this Money plant can grow in small glass container?  We can use different flower vases, beautiful glass containers and small flower pots with soil as well. It needs some water and some sunlight to grow.

How to grow :

Freshly cut money plant branches/roots are immersed in any of your decorative container have water in it will be fresh for a longer time and need to change the water regularly. You will observe the roots in 2-3 days 🙂

Money Plant as a decor:

Money plant is generally seen in offices, parks, shops, malls as a decorative plant, because of having green coloured big love shaped leaves. The green colour leaves symbolises the nature and spring. Its the colour for “Go” on traffic signal. So, “Grow and Go with Green”- a famous quote. Of course the leaves are of different kinds, Some having bigger leaves and some having small leaves.

Where to grow:

It is a creeper and can climb on trellis, fences, poles and on walls… shady, green and beautiful look to your home or garden and already known that plants are more useful for natural air which will take carbondioxide and releases oxygen.

Finally, Place the money plant in a pot or basket and then let it be cling down to grow which will give pretty good look to your place.



I just added a picture of a money plant at my home on trellis. Hope you will plant one to get fresh oxygen as well as beauty to your home.

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