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Rose Cuts (snack item)

Rosecuts is a simple and easy, yet delicious snack for every age group. Lets see how to prepare it.


  • Maida powder – 1kg
  • Sugar –  1/2kg and 1 small cup
  • Water – Sufficient amount

How to prepare Rosecuts:

  1. Maida powder and sugar should be mixed well in a bowl.
  2. Add sufficient water to the above.
  3. Make sure that no lumps are formed. Now the rose cut mix is ready.
  4. Take a pan and pour oil enough for deep fry.
  5. Take little amount of the maida mix in a small bowl. A rosette shaped stick is dipped in the above bowl. Insert this in the boiling oil.
  6. Heat the stick also for 5 sec and follow the above step.
  7. Fry the rose cuts on both the sides and transfer them into another bowl. (Use a filter to drain off the excess oil).
  8. After 10 min rose cuts can be transferred into a air tight container and store for consumption.


  • The rosette shaped stick should be boiled for 5 sec before dipping in maida mix each time.
  • The maida mix should be like a semi solid state, to get thin rose cuts.

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